About Pay-By-Link

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Pay-By-Link allows your staff to take secure payments from any location, making it ideal for homeworkers and those who have returned to the work place.

At the point a payment is required, either on a phone call or during a conversation via other media, the agent creates a unique payment link from our easy-to-use web portal and sends it to the customer for them to follow and make payment - no different to when they are making online purchases.

Once the payment is complete we will notify the agent via the portal and as a business you can access full transaction reports at any time. Customers details are also stored for future use making it easy to create new payment links for them in the future.

Features & Benefits
  • Fully PCI compliant, customers card details entering your agents homes or workplace.
  • Send the payment link via SMS, or via your preferred communication channel such as email or webchat.
  • Agent gets immediate notification of payment status, SMS Delivered, Link Clicked and then authorised or declined.
  • Only equipment required is a internet connected device, no additional hardware.
  • Take payments from any location, at any time, in any communication channel.

We can get you set up quickly and at a low cost to keep your business secure and to get you paid quickly.

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