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Payment Phone Overview

The BCH payment phone is an alternative to a traditional landline handset that uses the latest SIP technology to make and receive calls, with built-in integration to our Virtual Terminal allowing card payments to be made securely over during a live call phone without the risk of the customers payment card details being recorded during the payment process.

The payment phone can be used as a standalone service allowing calls to be made or received, but also forms an integral part of our larger Hosted PBX solution, or can be used without the Secure Payment module for those users looking to replace their traditional office phone with a SIP based solution.

Primarily designed to work with our downloaded app, the system can also be configured to work with physical SIP handsets for those users who prefer the traditional look and feel of a desktop handset.

All aspects of the solution can be managed on line using via our management portal, and each user has a further web page to manage their calls and settings. Alternatively, BCH can provide a managed solution and make all the configuration changes you need as required - we understand that once configured its unlikely you will need to return to the setup pages very often, so its probably just quicker to ask us via our Help Desk

Receiving Calls

The Payment Phone can be used to either receive calls directly from an inbound number, or it can be included within a Hunt Group of extensions as part of a larger routing solution or Caller Queue.

Direct Delivery Options Include:

  • Divert calls to your softphone, mobile or a landline.
  • Set your working hours and bank holidays so calls are only received when you're available.
  • Call recording is available, with playback from the management portal.
  • Configurable voicemail, for both in and out of working hours.
  • Missed Call alerts during working hours.
  • Voicemail avoidance when delivering to mobile numbers.

Making Calls

When using the softphone to make calls the options include:

  • Configure your working hours to reduce the risk of unauthorised access.
  • Configurable CLI Presentation
  • Call recording, and playback from the management portal.
  • Daily call spend limits to reduce the impact of unauthorised access.
  • Call barring for international and high cost destinations.
  • Personal and Company address book
  • Presence screen showing all colleagues and call status.
  • Call History, with redial option.

More Information

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