Hosted PBX Overview

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The Hosted Payment PBX solution from BCH incorporates the 20+ years' experience we have built up managing Business Call Handling solutions for thousands of organisations, across all business sectors, from SMEs to Global Corporates.

Using the latest SIP based network technologies, our PCI Complaint Payment Processing Platform and Global Hosting Solutions, the Hosted Payment PBX is a feature rich, but an easy solution to manage the day to day needs of any business that takes Card Payments over the phone.

Inbound Calls

All your inbound numbers are delivered through the Service Scheduling where you can configure your normal working hours and make adjustments for any up coming special dates such as Bank Holidays.

Calls then be delivered directly through to your users, or via an IVR Call Flows allowing callers to choose from a series of menus to get through to the department they wish to speak to.

Depending on the volume of calls you are receiving, callers can be delivered directly to individual users, or to team of users via a Hunt-group or for busy lines callers can be held in a Queue until a user becomes available.

Users can select how to accept incoming calls on up to three different extensions, including our Softphone, a SIP Handset, Mobile, or a traditional PSTN landline.

Outbound Calls

Using either our Softphone or a SIP Handset users can make outgoing calls, which is fully integrated to the PBX to and includes the same options for processing card payments via our Virtual Terminal, call recording and Hold & Transfer options.

Direct Lines

All users can also be assigned a Direct Destination allowing callers to reach them directly, avoiding any IVR menus and call queuing

Key Features

  • PCI Complaint Live Card Payments
  • Call Queuing
    • Comfort Messaging
    • Queue Position Messaging
    • Queue Breakout
    • Bespoke Hold Music.
  • Call Distribution Modes
    • Skill Based Routing
    • Concurrent Call Delivery
    • Longest Waiting
  • Disaster Recovery Switching
  • Missed Call Alerts
  • Hold & Call Transfers
    • Warm & Cold Transfers
    • Conference Transfers
  • Call Recording
    • Online Playback & Download
    • Access Controls & Logging
    • Adaptable Call Meta-Data
  • Self Managed User Extensions
    • Receive calls on SIP, Mobile or PSTN
    • View call history
    • Personal & Company Address Book
    • Colleague Presence Screen
  • Call Scheduler
    • Standard Working Hours
    • Out of hours call diverts
    • Special Date changes
  • Self-Serve Number Assignment
    • All UK Area Codes
    • Popular Non-Geographic numbering, including 0800 & 0330
  • IVR Call Flow Builder
    • Customisable multi-step Menus
    • Upload your own audio or use our professional voice overs.
    • Fail over actions on all delivery options
    • Instant changes for special messaging at peak demand.
  • Call Reporting Suite
    • Customisable Wall Boards
    • Call Detailed Report including Customer Journey
    • Daily, Monthly & Weekly Call Analysis
    • Queue Performance
    • Detailed & Summary User Reports.

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