Configure Outbound Call Recording service

Updated by BCH Digital Support

You can access RNP: Outbound Call Recording from Call Handling

Search for the number you want and click on Configure

Call Recording

Choose if you want your calls recorded and emailed to an email address, group or stored on the portal

Call Barring

Allow or Barr certain prefixes that agents can dial.

PSTN & Freephone are 01/02, 0800 and 0808

Mobiles are 07 (this does NOT include Non Standard 07s)

NGNs are 03 and 08

User Access

User access is split in to 2 types. The first is CLI access. This only allows callers from a certain CLI to access the service. You can have multiple CLIs.

The second is PIN access. This prompts the agent to input a 4 digit number to access the service

CLI Presentation

Choose to have a static CLI, the CLI of the agent or withheld when calling out

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