Originating Number

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This configuration option changes the behaviour of the service based on the received caller’s number, the CLI. The system can be configured to reject callers, depending on the number they use to call the system.

Any  Caller

This option allows any caller to use the payment line.

Reject Withheld Numbers:

It may be necessary to reject callers who withhold their numbers, for example, if callers need to be contacted for additional information, or in the event of a charge-back situation.

Mobile Callers Only:

Only those calling from mobiles will be allowed to use the service. This may be important where it is necessary to send an SMS receipt.

Registered Users Only:

By selecting Registered Users Only, access is restricted to a closed user group such as a company’s field sales’ agents. A special database can be created in the Caller Identification form, as previously discussed, by creating a specially named database called Callers CLI. Each user’s numbers can be entered into the database. The system will check that the caller’s number exists in the database before continuing with the payment process.

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