Important notice for receiving international calls

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Pricing Notification: Surcharging to UK Destinations from International Callers

Ofcom Statement (Wholesale Voice Markets Review, published 30th March 2021) made it possible for number range holders in the UK (each of whom having SMP) to charge originating providers up to the amount that it costs them to terminate calls to that provider.

In order to defend against deliberate arbitrage, BCH Digital, is flowing down these charges to our partners and clients where applicable. We anticipate that any partners providing similar facilities to other providers will either adopt a similar position or absorb the risk by inflating their international termination rates.

We hereby provide notice of the surcharges set out in Appendix 1 coming into effect on 1st November 2022 for calls received from international destinations set out, in accordance with the terms of our supply agreement.

For the avoidance of doubt these charges, which are set out in pence per minute and exclude value added tax and are in addition to any other call rates as set out in our rate sheets.

Not all international callers are subject to this additional levy, the list of originating countries are available via the management portal.

The levy is applied for both Geo and Mobile destinations.

However its important to note that Withheld or Invalid CLIs from the UK callers will get billed as an international caller.

Accessing Surcharge Rates

Click on Management & Reports > Rates & Invoicing

Then select International Caller Surcharges

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