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The IDA code that BCH Digital use 18499. This is needed to be prefixed on your BT ISDN only calls so that they can be routed through our platform. IDA Calling will not work on SIP. If you require SIP based call recording please raise a ticket on our BCH Digital Helpdesk or through our alternative contact methods.

To access IDA calling on the portal go to Call Handling > RNP: IDA Call Recording:

Configuring the service


Provide a description of the service.

Service Status

You can enable or disable the service with this toggle.

User Access Numbers

This setting acts as check against the person calling to check if they're enabled to use the service. It uses the CLI of the caller to check access. If you are unsure of your CLI, dial your mobile number and the number that is presented on your screen should be the number you enter in here. If the number is anonymous then you will not be able to use the BCH IDA Calling service, but you may be able to use our other methods. Please contact BCH Digital for more information.

If a user is having issues making calls, it's usually because their CLI has not been added here.

Working Hours

Setup the start to end times for agents to access the service. Calling outside of these setup times will let the caller know the service isn't accessible.

Special Dates

This lets the user add dates where the service is closed all day. This is to avoid having to change the working hours for things like bank holidays and training days.

Call Recordings

Set if the service is to record calls

Accessible Destination

Enable or disable access for agents to call certain prefixes.


Allow exceptions to the Accessible Destination rules

Presented CLI

What number you want to be displayed to the handset you are calling.

Agent Tagging

Associate agent details to calls. Agents can be added in the Agent sub menu.

Volume Alerts

Set minute thresholds and use an email address to be notified if those limits have been passed

If you have any questions about the BCH Digital IDA Calling service or any other of our voice, SMS or payment services please contact us for help.

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