Number Manager and Ordering new numbers

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The Number Manager will allow you to add, remove, edit services and move numbers around your various accounts.

The 3 main categories are:


Here you can search for a number and change its service, move them between accounts or quarantine numbers you no longer need.

Number Report:

This will show you a breakdown of your accounts, the number of services you have running on them and the latest call.

New Numbers:

You can order new numbers for any of your accounts or choose them from the current reserved pool of numbers. The reserved pool is accessible to all clients so if you see a number you need assign it.

New pool and number requests are split in to 2 platforms: SIP Phone and Remote Number Provisioning (RNP).

SIP Phone will be numbers for new services such as:

- Number Translation Service

- Switchboard

- Softphone / Payment Phone

- Datacapture & Transcription

Remote Number Provisioning will be for legacy services like:

- RNP: One 2 One

- RNP: One 2 Many

- RNP: One 2 Group

- RNP: One 2 Queue

- RNP: Virtual Receptionist

- RNP: Voice 2 Email

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