SMS Appointment Service Setup

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Accessing the service

Click on SMS Appointments

Creating a service template

Click Setup on the sub menu

Click Appointment Template Settings

Click Add New for a new template and give it a name

Configuring the service template

Click on Settings

Clicking the Update button allows you change certain settings.


Change the service template name


Allows you to set who the message is coming from (11 characters max).

If you use the Pro service you can choose an 07 long number allowing for the recipient to send messages back like CANCEL for cancelling appointments or OK for confirming them.

Are for when an appointment is cancelled, attended or they did not attend. An email will be sent to an address or email group address.

Initial Message

Is the message the recipient will receive as soon as you create the booking. You can create a message using the [ ] fields.

[First], [LAST], [DATE] and [TIME] are standard when setting up an appointment. You can also create your own Merge Fields.

Reminder Time

Sends a reminder SMS to the customer's mobile number. The options are for 1 hour, 24 hours or 48 hours before the appointment.

Reminder Message

Allows you to specify the message that will be sent to the recipient based on the Reminder Time.

You can now move on to creating news recipients.

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