Inbound PBX Numbers

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BCH can supply a full range of both UK and International numbers. These numbers can be configured as your main customer contact numbers or as direct dial numbers to individual users.

This article deals with configuring the main customer numbers setup. For details on how to configure direct dial numbers, please see Direct Destinations


When a customer calls your main number, the call is processed through a series of decision steps, enabling you to tailor the customer's experience to meet your requirements.

  1. Disaster Recovery Switch

Each Inbound number is assigned to a service. You can instantly update multiple numbers to route calls via an alternative service in the event of a fire alarm or building evacuation.

  1. Special Dates

Different call handling routines can be configured for bank holidays, either as a reduced service option or simply an 'out of hours voicemail'.

  1. Working Hours

Normal working hours can be configured as well as how to deal with calls received outside of these hours.

  1. IVR Call Flow

Once callers reach this step, they can be played a series of audio messages and menu choices to guide them to the best department or representative.

  1. Delivery Channel

Once callers have been guided to the correct department, the call can be forwarded to a delivery channel:


Callers are held in a queue until a representative becomes available.

Hunt Group

Callers are routed to a group of extensions. If the call is not answered, it can be diverted to voicemail.

Direct Extension

Callers are routed directly to a SIP Extension. If the extension is unavailable, callers can be diverted to voicemail.

External Number

Callers are routed to an alternative external PSTN number.


Callers are played an audio message with the option of leaving a recorded message.

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