How Assist Works

Updated by BCH Digital Support

Using Assist, your organisation can sell its products or services by a single telephone number. Voice prompts guide your callers through payment using easy-to-follow questions. Details, including the following, will be requested: an identification number (the exact nature of which is chosen by you) card details and transaction value.

The system securely sends these details to your merchant provider for immediate processing, and an authorisation payment code is obtained in real time. The authorisation details will be spoken back to the caller and forwarded by email or XML directly to your records or CRM system for reconciliation. (The system also incorporates an option for callers to receive payment notification by SMS.) The duration of the call should not exceed two minutes.

Access to the setup interface is available from Paytel’s standard portal login. Select Collect from the services listed and then choose Numbers to view the list of the numbers assigned to your account. Select Manage to access the configuration screen in order to build the service to your requirements.

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