Important notice for routing international calls

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Pricing Notification: A-Number (CLI) Surcharging to International Destinations


You maybe aware that many UK network carriers apply origin-based surcharges to UK numbers, increasingly a similar approach is being taken by carriers abroad on calls to their numbers.

 In order to defend against deliberate arbitrage, BCH Digital, is flowing down these charges to our partners and clients where applicable. We anticipate that any partners providing similar facilities to other providers will either adopt a similar position or absorb the risk by inflating their international termination rates.

 We hereby provide notice of the surcharges set out in Appendix 1 coming into effect on 1st July 2022 for calls to the international destinations set out, in accordance with the terms of our supply agreement.

 For the avoidance of doubt these charges, which are set out in pence per minute and exclude value added tax and are in addition to any outbound call rates as set out in our rate sheets.


In order to simplify the charging, two charge bands have been defined:

 ·         Where the CLI number is a valid number in the same country as the destination number being dialled, which is defined below as an “In Country” call event.

·         Where the CLI number is not UK originated, the call scenario does not meet the “In Country” call event definition, or the A number is Invalid is defined as “Other”.


For the avoidance of doubt, no surcharge shall apply to calls to international destinations with UK CLI Numbers.

 Moving forwards, changes to these rates can be viewed within our Client Portal under Management & Reports within the Rates & Invoicing web app.

Accessing Surcharge Rates

Click on Management & Reports > Rates & Invoicing

Click on Int. Surcharges

And then select International Delivery Surcharges

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