Service Configuration

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Service Description

Change the description of the service.

Working Hours

Add/update the working hours of the service. You will also need to select what happens when a call arrives outside of the Working Hours schedule.

Delivery Numbers

Add the destination(s) to the service. The Distribution Mode is the important part here, giving you the option to choose between:

Sequential. This will dial the numbers in the order using the Order column.

Uniform: Dial the longest waiting destination without a call.

Concurrent: Dial all destinations at once.

Each destination has their own settings including Connection Timeout and Working Hours.

Special Dates

Add dates when the destination will not be available so that it can go to voicemail or another service.

Call Recording

Recorded calls will be stored in the Call Recordings service.

Welcome Audio

Choose if you want audio to play for the caller when they call the number. The audio is uploaded in Global Settings > Audio Database

Whisper Message

Choose if you want audio to play to the destination only upon answering the call before being connected to the caller.

CLI Presented

The number to be presented to the destination. It can either be the Callers Number or a valid number of your choosing.

Non Delivery Action

If the destinations are unavailable then choose to either send callers to voicemail or to another service.

Missed Call Alerts

Send missed call alerts to an Email Group, single Email Address or a Mobile Number.

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