Porting numbers to BCH

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To port a number to BCH please use the below template:

Customer Letter Of Authority document .docx

Filling out the CLoA

Current Network Operator

The Current Network Operator or Losing Communications Provider (LCP) of the numbers you wish to port.

Site Address

This is the site address details which will also be used to add the 999 details of the end user in case of emergencies. This is a legal requirement to fill these out with the potential of financial penalties. Information declared here will be passed to the Emergency Services database via BT under the obligations as published by OFCOM and will be used solely for this purpose.

Numbers to be Ported

Add the numbers you wish to be ported here. Each CLoA can only have Geo or Non-Geo numbers. Do not mix the numbers or it will be rejected.

Main Billing Number (MBN)

If you are porting Geo numbers and know the MBN put it here. You can obtain this from the Current Network Operator / LCP.

Multi / Single line (If known)

If you know, add if the number(s) is single or multiline. You can obtain this from the Current Network Operator / LCP.

Range Holder (RH)

Each number is part of a range that a network owns. The Range Holder and Current Network Operator / LCP can be different. You can find out the Range Holder from the Current Network Operator / LCP or go to https://www.telecom-tariffs.co.uk/codelook.htm.

Customer's Company Details

This is the information of the customer with the account with the Current Network Operator / LCP.

Requester's Details

This is to be signed and completed by the requester on each page.

Additional Sites and Numbers

Any extra numbers from the Numbers to be Ported section can be placed here.

Once you have completed the LoA and converted it to PDF, please submit the port request via the Helpdesk.

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