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Web2Fax allows you to upload documents on a web page and have them faxed to a destination of your choice.

Before using Web2Fax you will need a billing number and the Web2Fax service enabled on your portal login.

Speak to your account manager for details.

Additionally you will need to configured the system for sending faxes - "Send Fax Setup"

To Send a quick fax - navigate to Call Handling > Fax Solutions > Send Fax :

Select a billing number from the drop down list.

Enter a valid destination fax number - remembering to include the area code.

Enter an optional reference - this will appear in "Sent Faxes" to ease tracking.

Upload a document be selecting "Choose file".

Click "Send" to send the Fax.

Track progress by navigating to "Sent Faxes".

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