Virtual Terminal Field Setup

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The Virtual Terminal screen can be configured so Agents can collect additional information along with the standard card details when processing a Live Call payment, all of which can be passed through to your Payment Service Provider (PSP).

Often this data can be additional card holder details required to process a payment, such as their Date Of Birth or additional customer finance information such as account or invoice numbers that aid the reconciliation of payments.

In most instances the BCH onboarding team will configure the Virtual Terminal on your behalf, and will be happy to assist if your requirements change over time. It is however useful to know the potential available within the system as providing additional customer data can often be used to reduce potential charge backs, or to meet industry specific regulations.

The Virtual Terminal setup is available through the Management Portal, and found under the Card Payment Processing menu within the Admin Tools pages.

Select Virtual Terminal Fields to view your current setup:

Existing fields can be moved up or down, changing the position on the Virtual Terminal web page, or you can edit or add new fields using the Edit / Add buttons.

VT Field

This is an identifier to define the field and governs what PSP gateway field is used when processing the transaction

Display Name

Use this to present a friendly version of the field to the agent in the Virtual Terminal

Tool Tip

You can use the tool tip to provide further information to the agent, it is displayed when their mouse hovers over the input box.

Placeholder Text

Again additional information for the agent, limited characters but it is displayed greyed out in the input box before it is clicked.


When using the integrated version of the VT information can be passed directly into the form, to stop any changes being made you can disable the input box


Again when using the integrated version of the VT, if you are passing data automatically to the PSP which isn't relevant to the agent they can be hidden to declutter the screen


Use this flag to remind the Agent to enter the required data.

Input Style

By default the input box is free text, however if the input choices are fixed then you can create a pre-defined list to aid the Agents.

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